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Socks, Founder Card

Get in on the ground floor,  support the Collective's mission to champion  transportation options that are accessible, safe and enjoyable for everyone.




...And Shop Punch Card and 1 Month BCycle Pass

Kick start our efforts for transformative changes in Greater Des Moines through advocacy, programming, education, and engagement. 




...And VIP Early Access to PedalArt Poster Show

Lay the foundation for the Collective's work for the next decade. Help us be an absolute force for positive change, community empowerment, and focal point for transportation advocacy.


Socks:  Custom 5" socks to splash our style
Founder Card:  Short run founder card limited to this campaign
Punch Card:  4 free visits for bench time at the Shop
VIP Access:  Early access for the PedalArt Poster Show
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