Are you interested in joining the Street Collective’s Board of Directors? 

In October the Board will consider bringing on three new Directors to its Leadership Team. 

To be considered for a position this year, please submit the application to info@dsmstreetcollective by September 3, 2019.

The Board of Directors oversees significant policy decisions and fundraising efforts for the Street Collective. Each of our 12 Board of Directors is elected to a three-year term with the potential of serving two successive terms.


Over the next three years, the Board of Directors will be actively involved with: 

  • Growing programs and advocacy work beyond bicycling to include all modes of travel.

  • Implementing the 2018 Strategic Plan. 

  • Increasing its membership coalition and revenue streams in order to sustain the Street Collective’s new mission “to champion transportation options that are accessible, safe and enjoyable for everyone.”