Wait—have you read the FAQ page? If you have any questions about volunteering, donating a bike, or receiving a bike through our Bike Giveaway or Earn-a-Bike programs, please read the provided information before contacting us with further questions!

Shop Volunteers

First and foremost, the amount of mechanic experience you have (or don't have) isn't a problem—we always encourage anyone to come down to the shop and learn new skills. In the shop we start off all new volunteers with an orientation session where we show you how the shop functions and get you started on disassembling a bike for parts.  Taking a bike apart allows you to understand how bikes are constructed, without having to worry about putting them back together. From there you'll gain experience with tools and knowledge about bike assemblies, which will allow you to begin helping rebuild bikes to be donated or sold.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in leading a group ride? Passionate about educating youth? Hoping to make a positive change in your community?


We have plenty of other volunteer opportunities! Contact info@dsmstreetcollective.org with your interest or ideas.

If you would like to sign up for a volunteer shift, please fill out the appropriate form below!


Bike Valet Volunteer Shift

Court-Ordered Community Service

Beginner Volunteer

Intermediate Volunteer

Advanced Volunteer