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Need to make a fix to your bike, but don't have the tools or knowhow? Stop by our shop to utilize our tools and mechanic's knowledge! As a do-it-together shop, we're here to give you the skills to get you rolling. Get ready to get your hands dirty and learn a thing or two!

Bench time is available to the public every day during regular business hours*, Please use the form below to schedule an appointment for Bench Time.

Rates: Bench time is $15/hr for nonmembers and free for members. (Interested in becoming a member? Learn how here.)

If you are unable to afford bench time, volunteer hours can be converted into bench time.

Please Note: The Bicycle Collective is not a traditional bike shop and will not do tune ups or repairs for you. We are happy to recommend a professional bike shop in the community for those interested in these services.

*Business hours


Tues 12 PM - 6 PM

Wed 12 PM - 6 PM

Thurs 12 PM - 6 PM

Fri 12 PM - 6 PM

Sat 12 PM - 5 PM



Member Bench Time

Nonmember Bench Time

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