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Special Election - Mike Simonson and Justyn Lewis respond to our City Council Candidate Survey


The survey provides valuable insights into their priorities, strategies, and visions for improving pedestrian safety, public transit, biking infrastructure, and overall urban mobility.

Its purpose is to educate and inform.


By comparing candidates' responses, supporters can make informed decisions about whom to vote for, ensuring that elected officials align with their values and priorities.


The Collective is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. It does not endorse candidates.

Additionally, the survey aims to improve transparency and accountability among candidates by sharing their proposed actions and strategies to address challenges in Des Moines.

The survey was sent to all candidates. Justyn Lewis and Mike Simonson completed it.  Here are their responses:

Simonson Headshot.jpg
Justyn Lewis Headshot.JPG

Overall, the candidates' responses signal support for transportation and urban development priorities that are in line with the Street Collective's vision for creating more sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant communities.

Here's why:

Emphasis on pedestrian safety: Both candidates prioritize pedestrian safety and advocate for strategies to expedite sidewalk projects and enhance walkability.

Support for public transit: Both candidates express support for DART, emphasizing the importance of addressing its financial challenges while ensuring equitable access to transportation.

Advocacy for denser urban areas: Both candidates endorse initiatives to repurpose car-oriented infrastructure for mixed-use developments along major streets, promoting walking, biking and urban vibrancy.

Des Moines Voting Rules

Tuesday, March 19 –  Election Day – Polls open from 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM. Find your polling place here.

Early Voting

In-person voting is available until Monday, March 18 at 5pm at the Polk County Election Office -120 2nd Avenue, Suite A.  Des Moines, IA 50309

Election-Day Voting
Registered voters bring a photo ID. Acceptable IDs are an Iowa driver's license or a non-operator ID, a U.S. passport or military ID, a veteran's ID, tribal ID or an Iowa voter ID card. If the address on your ID does not match your current address, you must bring proof of residency.

Same-Day Voter Registration
Iowa has same-day voter registration. If you are not registered to vote, you can do so at the polls when you show up in-person to vote on Election Day. To register, provide ID and proof of residency.


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