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2023 PedalArt Poster Show

May 12th - 6 to 9pm

Sponsored by Confluence Brewing Company

After days of review, emails, text exchanges, phone calls, and a Mainframe Studios gathering for final consideration…


…we are proud to reveal the artist roster for the 13th Annual PedalArt Poster Show. 

We want to thank everyone who answered the Call for Entries. There were no easy decisions for the judges. We've assembled a mix of returning artists and a first-time PedalArt participants; about one-third of the selected artists are new to the show.

So, without further ado, here are your 2023 PedalArt Poster Show Artists.

Kris Atha

John Bosley

Chandler Condon

James Ewald

Ally Frame

Matthew Hadley

Mike Johnson

David Kallemyn

Jacob Kuperman

Elijah Leuders

Jackson Meister

Rebecca Nielsen

Shane O'Brien

Chad Owen

Andy Pestotnik

Alison Peters

Mujo Ramic

Eddy Randall

Jack Randleman

Jacob Rempfer

Sarah Schroeder

Alexander Shiffer

Arthur Smith

Cassie  Tangney

Randy  Timm

Zane Vredenburg

Neil Ward

Tammy & Adam Winn

Our goal for every show is to assemble an artist roster with a mix of show veterans and new talent to keep PedalArt growing and evolving. This year, not quite half of the artists were first-time applicants to the show. Unfortunately, this means that people who’ve done excellent work aren’t on this year’s list. 

Special thanks to this year’s judges: John Bosley, owner of Bozz Prints in Valley Junction, Sally Cooper-Smith, Cooper Smith + Company, and Neil Ward, assistant professor of art and design at Drake University. 

Nearly 200 Iowa artists have participated in PedalArt. The gallery below is a sampling of posters from 28 artists.

PedalArt has been the best-attended Bike Month event in past years, drawing more than 500 bicycling enthusiasts eager to support our friends in the Iowa art community. When you buy PedalArt posters, you support hardworking, bike-loving independent Iowa artists, designers, and illustrators and Street Collective programing. 

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