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We are always looking for extra helping hands! Individuals may show up to volunteer, no notice or schedule required.  We request that groups contact our shop to schedule a volunteer time.

Shop Volunteers

First and foremost, the amount of mechanic experience you have (or don't have) isn't a problem—we always encourage anyone to come down to the shop and learn new skills. In the shop we start off all new volunteers with a two hours of orientation. This can be done any time Wednesday through Friday, no appointment required. (Normally mornings are best/least busy.)


The first thing our mechanics will typically have you do is work on old bikes that need to be dismantled for parts. Taking apart bikes allows you to understand how bikes are constructed, without having to worry about putting them back together. From there you'll gain experience with tools and knowledge about bike assemblies, which will allow you to begin helping the shop rebuild bikes to be donated or sold.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in leading a group ride? Passionate about educating youth? Hoping to make a positive change in your community?


We have plenty of other volunteer opportunities on our Volunteer Local page, or contact with your interest/ideas.

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