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Street Lab Demonstration Projects and Events

Change can be easier if people can see it and experience it. Sometimes a drawing won't suffice. Temporary demonstration projects allow communities to interact with street and public space design changes before it's made permanent using low-cost materials and a bit of elbow grease. 

Activate a business space, make a safer street, build welcoming public spaces, tell stories and visualize change.  We're here to help.

What We Can Provide
  • Materials and furniture

  • Technical support and expertise

  • Connections to city officials

What You Can Provide
  • Project/event plan

  • Volunteers and energy

Current Inventory
  • Benches and seating

  • Picnic tables

  • Cafe sets

  • Planter boxes

  • Business kiosks and signage

  • Bike parking

Our inventory can be added to upon request and is subject to change depending on other projects or damage.


$75 for small events / $150 for larger events

$30 +mileage for delivery/pickup with van

$50 +mileage for delivery/pickup with panel truck

$20/hr staff time


Contact for more info.

Made possible by the Prairie Meadows Community Betterment Grant

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