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The Street Collective is committed to advocating for accessible, safe and enjoyable streets for everyone. We will track city projects to better inform walkers, bikers and cyclists. Stay up to date and never get detoured! 

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Attached for your information are planned Street Improvement and Maintenance Programs scheduled for the period April 2021 through June 2022.



The Greater Des Moines Partnership, in collaboration with various community partners are working to develop a Downtown DSM: Future Forward, a community-driven Downtown vision plan and action plan, to help position Downtown Des Moines (DSM) for short-term economic recovery and long-term economic vitality and vibrancy.


As part of the City’s Downtown Walkability Study Completed in November 2017 (Connect Downtown), several projects were identified to be constructed in the Downtown Area.

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2nd Ave Corridor Construction

2nd Avenue from University Avenue to the Des Moines River will be under construction starting in early 2022 through early 2025.


This project proposes to convert 5th Avenue from Grand Avenue to Mulberry Street and Grand Avenue from 3rd Street to 5th Avenue from one-way streets to two-way. The project will include buffered bike lanes, green paint to increase the visibility of the bike lanes, durable pavement markings, pedestrian/sidewalk improvements, and improved bus stops along Grand Avenue.

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